Ed vs the Kevin Fan Club

This is getting funnier by the minute:

MASS – Questions un-answered
The changing face of MASS Theory?
Is SALRE a “Single Axis Theory”

Got to give Ed credit for serving it up to the Podiatry Arena mafia.

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Evolution vs creationism

Evolution vs creationism? Get over it, evolution won. No point arguing for creationism as every rational person can see through the crap. Way to go Bob Kidd.

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I am feeling mischievous

I just heard about nulled vBulletin. vBulletin is the software used by Podiatry Arena. The nulled version is the illegal version widely available on the blackmarket for free. I am not for one minute suggesting that Podiatry Arena is running on this, but wouldn’t it be mischievous to report them to the piracy people? Next time one of my legtitimate posts gets deleted I might consider it.

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Do MBT Shoes Actually Work?

No they don’t. The Masai Barefoot Technology shoe is supposed to be based on the barefoot walking of the Masai tribe from Africa. The MBT shoe is supposed to mimic that barefoot walking. How can it do that? How can you get a barefoot gait while wearing great big lumps of shoe. They even used to claim that they can cure cellulite with them. That makes them no better than snake oil. The MBT shoes makes the muscles work harder. That’s a bad thing, right? Surely a good shoe would make the muscles work less not more. What has happened to all the Podiatry Arena threads on the MBT shoe? Have the died off like the MBT shoe should? Here is some commonsense on this shoe.

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Competent Podiatrists do not use Tea Tree Oil for Onychomycosis

Oh why does this keep coming up? It came up again in the onychomycosis debridement thread. Tea tree oil does not work. Tea tree oil has been shown not to work. Tea tree oil is dangerous. Davinci and Belinda are being too polite. They need to tell those that use it for onychomycosis that they are not competent. Podiatrists that use it are being dangerous and doing their patients a disservice. Ignorance of the law (the evidence) would not be a suitable defense. It’s worse than snake oil. Marigold therapy is just as bad. Competent health professionals do not use it either. See the compendium on TTO.

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Mental Illness at Podiatry Arena

DrSha (Dennis) has got to be one paranoid dude! He gets called all sorts of names by the Podiatry Arena mafia as they do not like his theories. Unlike a lot of others, he does not go away and sticks around to fight. Even having a go at the head honcho thinking his ability to post in bold had been restricted (Open Message to Craig Payne) and then changing the rules of debate when the terms of the debate do not suit him (Jeff Roots Rules of Debate)   Dennis, you one sorry dude. No one is taking you seriously. Move on.

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Foot Health Practitioners

When will those Foot Health Practitioners get it? They are the bottom feeders thumbing their noses at the spirit and intention of the law to protect the public.

For those who do not know it. Chiropody/Podiatry in the United Kingdom previously consisted of the state registered sector and the non-registered sector. The registered sector had a 3-4 year diploma or degree. The non-registered sector did some short courses. Only those who were registered could work in the National Health Service.

Then along came the Health Professions Council (HPC) and they registered everyone to protect the public and protect the use of the title Podiatrist and Chiropodist. When the HPC came into existence, after the initial groups of registrations, you then needed a University degree to get registered after that.

So what did those providers do who offered the short block courses for the previous non-registered sector? They just changed their name to Foot Health Practitioners to avoid coming under the Health Professions Council.

This makes them bottom feeders who are thumbing their nose at the spirit and intention of the Health Professions Council and the law. Why does Podiatry Arena make  Foot Health Practitioners welcome?

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Oh, my dear Robert

Oh my dear Robert, you used to be such a nice boy. You took over David Holland failing forum to try and rescue it as Pod Answers and it continued to decline. Shame really as it could have given Podiatry Arena a run for its money. It got infected with the infantile stuff from ThatFootShite. Now you are trying to get an email support group going. I thought you would have learnt from the outdated technology of the email list from JSIC mail that this is the old way of doing things. And now you are starting another. When will you learn, but good luck anyway with the new one.

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Do Barefoot Runners have a Personality Disorder?

When will those barefoot nutters get it? They have attention seeking personality disorders. How else can the way they behave be explained? Just take a look at your average barefoot running fanatic. Don’t they look like a motley bunch? They lie about research to make claims. They clearly have a reading disability, otherwise how can you explain this? They attack the people making comments and can never address the issues being raised. The media are great at misinterpreting barefoot running. There is an epidemic of injuries occurring in those who run barefoot and we see that the Vibrams are being linked to stress fractures. Why is no one surprised at that? Given that there are so many injuires when will the barefoot fanatic get it. And what is this top of foot pain nonsense?

Podiatry Arena has lots of threads on barefoot running and a 600 post thread on the Barefoot Running Debate. Who has got time to read all that? Look at the fool that so many barefoot runners have made of themselves in that thread as they can’t read! Hey Craig, it is about time you locked them. They have been going for too long. We get it, they don’t.

Barefoot running is a fad that will go away and hopefully will the threads on it at Podiatry Arena. The research is not looking good for barefoot running.

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