Do Barefoot Runners have a Personality Disorder?

When will those barefoot nutters get it? They have attention seeking personality disorders. How else can the way they behave be explained? Just take a look at your average barefoot running fanatic. Don’t they look like a motley bunch? They lie about research to make claims. They clearly have a reading disability, otherwise how can you explain this? They attack the people making comments and can never address the issues being raised. The media are great at misinterpreting barefoot running. There is an epidemic of injuries occurring in those who run barefoot and we see that the Vibrams are being linked to stress fractures. Why is no one surprised at that? Given that there are so many injuires when will the barefoot fanatic get it. And what is this top of foot pain nonsense?

Podiatry Arena has lots of threads on barefoot running and a 600 post thread on the Barefoot Running Debate. Who has got time to read all that? Look at the fool that so many barefoot runners have made of themselves in that thread as they can’t read! Hey Craig, it is about time you locked them. They have been going for too long. We get it, they don’t.

Barefoot running is a fad that will go away and hopefully will the threads on it at Podiatry Arena. The research is not looking good for barefoot running.

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